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“For me, WR.Park’s top-notch page-turner Overlay brought back memories of Robert Ludlum at his best in masterpieces like The Chancellor Manuscript and The Holcroft Covenant.  It’s all here: the shadowy conspiracy, the all-powerful villain, and the maverick hero. Anyone who thinks the political thriller is dead needs to put Overlay on their reading list and fast.  Only leave a big block of time once you start, because you won’t be doing anything else for a while.”
 New York Times
 bestselling author ere to add text.

Defense ministers in Arab nations are systematically assassinated.  All eyes stare suspiciously at Israel.  The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode.  Only a handful of covert U.S. government officials are aware that the heads of Russia and China are targeted next–-and that the elderly and senile American ex-President is responsible.


Tapped in the Great Khufu Pyramid, blown up on an isolated Greek island, attacked repeatedly by assassins, kidnapping the Russian President–-Rance’s life hangs in the balance in the icy waters below Norway’s Pulpit Rock–-our protagonist and his team provides all the ingredients of an intriguing international political suspense-thriller.
“The Dacian Resurgence is a nonstop rollercoaster from Europe to Washington, reaching from deep into the dark history of Rome to the latest headlines.  

Part Clancy…part Cussler…all Park. 

Pull up a chair by the fire and enjoy the journey.”
Rance Colby, the man who never existed–-presumed dead–-and torn by internal demons, enlists the only men he can trust…the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs and the highest ranking Russian General…to aid him in stopping the real brains behind the assassinationsClick here to add text.
New York Times bestselling author
In 105 A.D., swords of Roman soldiers slaughtered Dacian warriors as women and children hid in fear, in a grotto below the fortified outpost. A prophesy uttered by a high priest nearly 2,000 years ago is catalyst for a 21st century threat of global proportions.

Dacian She-Wolf descendants dedicated to world domination are responsible for deaths of powerful men worldwide.  A plot unfolds so devious that even Rance Colby could never have anticipated.