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The Franciscan Trilogy
The trilogy begins  with a tale of Vatican intrigue and corruption, assassination attempted, murder and suicide that plague the newly elected, Pope Francis I.  A Powerful evil cardinal—plus sweeping reforms—place his life in grave danger.  An unexpected archeological discovery in a remote Turkish cave will have a profound effect on Pope Francis
Volume II of the trilogy follows the adventures of our protagonists as they journey to mysterious Egypt, the remote regions of Ethiopia, and a lost Roman temple buried in the Libyan desert—in search of 'The History of The World from Creation to The Flood Chronicles' once believed to have been destroyed in 415 A.D. during the fire in Egypt's Great Alexandria Library. 
The impenetrable Himalayas, mysterious Tibetans, and the twisting, snaking Yarlung Tsangpo Gorge—are background for their final adventure. Guided by a strange mystic, and on death's door, they make a mind-boggling discovery that if revealed, would threaten to turn the world's scientific community into chaos.
IIt's here! It's published  It's very, very good. It's about murder, suicide, extortion, assassins, devilish plots—and the result is a narrative with more twists, turns and terror than a roller coaster through
purgatory. It's a ride worth taking.
—Publishers' Auxiliary

The grand finale of Bill Park's 'Franciscan Trilogy'--The Missing Hair Shirt —is a hair-raising, fast-paced adventure through the mysterious and mystical Himalayas—and a surprising, satisfying conclusion to a uniquely
conceived series.
—Publisher/Black Ink