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"Take a demented CIA agent, a degenerate assassin, a pair of desirable women, a slew of dismembered Congressman, and you'll have yourself a delicious stew of storytelling from WR.PARK in his devilishly conceived thriller, COMA."
"In his latest thriller, COMA, WR.PARK has created a chilling and suspenseful plot that compels you to keep turning pages."
--Bestselling author Robert S. Levinson
--Bestselling author W. Craig Reed
"COMA is ten times as exciting as The Jackal."
--Midwest Book Review
A sadistic assassin, dismembered Congressmen, and a devious plot to overthrow the president send CIA agent Hunter Dougllas halfway around the world on a seek-and-destroy mission. Add the distraction of two beautiful women and a bullet painfully lodged in his skull, and his task is formidable.