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Author, columnist, teacher, lecturer, past president of three advertising agencies, William R. Park, Sr. has served as a consultant to some of America’s largest and most successful companies.  As a nationally known and respected advertising executive for forty-two years, he has written thousands of newspaper/print ads and TV/radio scripts.

Winner of national awards in print and television, his popular ‘Ad Pulse’ monthly column appeared in Modern Retailer Magazine in the ‘70s and again in Publishers’ Auxiliary in the ‘90s.  In addition, articles have appeared in Editor & PublisherThe Best Times MagazineRoute 66 MagazineAtlanta JournalKansas City Star, and various daily newspapers.

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Three faces of Gabby, my constant writing companion.
The cursed red pen.
My lovely wife Genie is the first person to read and edit my work.  Being a high school English teacher, she does not refer to her thankless assignment as editing—but rather—correcting.  And she does it with enthusiasm and a red pen.  When through, it appears that she bled all over the pages—and I squeal—"Is it really that bad?" 
We met twelve years ago in a Borders Bookstore.  Later, she attended a Borders book signing event and when I pointed to her at the back of the room, she winced—knowing what was coming.  I explained to the crowd that I was obviously attracted to her, but when I learned she had a degree in education and medicine—I knew I had the better of two worlds.  She not only could edit my work—but when I sat drooling in my wheel chair—she could feed me my pabulum.