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"Park brought back memories of Robert Ludlum at his best."
---New York bestselling author Jon Land on OVERLAY text.
"A non-stop rollercoaster from Europe
to Washington...part Clancy...part Cussler...all Park."
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---New York bestselling author James Rollins on The Dacian Resurgence 
"Take a demented CIA agent, a degenerate assassin, a pair of desirable women, a slew of dismembered Congressman, and you'll have yourself a delicious stew of storytelling from WR.PARK in his devilishly conceived thriller, COMA."
--Bestselling author Robert S. Levinson on COMA.
"In his latest thriller, COMA, WR.PARK has created a chilling and suspenseful plot that compels you to keep turning pages."
--Bestselling author W.Craig Reed on COMA.. lick here to add text.
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"It's very, very good with more twists, turns and terror than a rollercoaster ride through purgatory with a surprising, satisfying conclusion to a uniquely conceived series."
--Publisher's Auxiliary on The Franciscan Trilogy to add text.
ISBN: 9780615204049
ISBN: 0975271180
.ISBN: 0977263215
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"Fatal Incision is a captivating historical thriller about the hunt for the infamous and elusive Jack the Ripper that is sure to win Park fans on both sides of the Atlantic." text.
--Bestselling author R. Barri Flowers on
Fatal Incision.
In the summer of 1889, 'the Jack the Ripper' mystery was solved, and until now, the true story was never revealed.
Two young Scotland Yard detectives, armed with only a hunch, voyage across the Atlantic to New York City to assist in investigating a string of similar murders.
Did 'Jack' slip away to America--and is now applying his macabre trade as 'The Manhattan Ripper?

ISBN: 9781935605362
ISBN: 9781612960128
Matthew Ward and Jimmy Black,
heros of two continents for solving the 'Jack the Ripper' murders, find themselves knee deep in the Devonshire moors--on the case of the Phantom Hounds.
Armed with advice from Doctor Watson, they travel to Devonshire where the original Baskervilles case took place.  Fending off attacks by an evil murder's henchmen, Ward and Black discover that Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson were wrong about the man respinsible for the murders, as reported in Watson's account of 'The Hound of The Baskervilles.'
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"It's the sort of rip-roaring adventure story you'd find in the pulp magazines in the thirties and forties.  The story would work well as a film." 
--Roger Johnson, editor of The District Messenger, The Newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of 
.London on
Phantom Hounds
WR.Park has written another smashing good story. Once again full of mystery, suspense, murder and danger.  I believe Mr. park will soon become one of the top bestselling authors.
--Professional reviewer Patricia Foltz
Member of International Thriller Writers, Inc.
After a lifetime apart, two old friends unite for a leisurely, nostalgia-filled drive along historic route 66.CAlick here to add text.
Friendly banter comes to a halt when the first of a number of mummified bodies of woman are discovered along route 66.  Our two travelers become immediate suspects.Later, they are enlisted to find out who the mastermind murderer is--placing their lives in grave danger.Click here to add text.
New York Times bestselling author James Rollins wrote:
"I've been a fan of WR.PARK's work for a number of years and 'The Talking Stones' is his best work to date. Full of archaeological mysteries, cutthroat adventures, and a plot as twisted as a Gordian Knot. Here's a story to be savored deep into the night. I thoroughly enjoyed it." 
Jonathan Greylock, college professor, bestselling author, and well-known archeologist undertakes a quest that nearly costs him his life. His adventure begins when the new, beautiful university librarian, Phineas St. Clair, stops him in the parking lot and hands him a letter from an official of the Egyptian Museum instructing him to search for the talking stones. 
Their dangerous search for The Talking Stones takes them to Jordan's mysterious Petra, to ancient tunnels in Malta, to recently uncovered ruins in Israel and to Peru's most mysterious and perilous cave...and to Egypt's greatest treasure.
Order ISBN: 978-1-61296-334-1
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IISBN: 9781500610067